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Some cool professional website design images:

The Fashion Center Information Kiosk
professional website design
From their website: "Geared towards both fashion professionals and luxury car rental travelers, The Fashion Center Information Kiosk is an integral part of the community and well worth a visit. Housed inside a unique Claes Oldenburg-inspired structure, The Fashion Center Information Kiosk features the world’s largest button, which is affixed to the buildings roof via a giant 31-foot long steel needle. Designed by Pentagram Architectural Services, The Fashion Center Information Kiosk was awarded the Art Commission Award for Public Architecture in 1995 and has continued to inspire luxury car rental travelers for the past decade."
professional website design
Revibe are a couple guys writing and producing House and Dance music, and DJing in clubs and pubs.

Two years ago we thought we were good but now we are just wicked and getting more professional all the time.

We started this House Project in the Spring of 2002 because we couldnt keep it to ourselves.

Our Dancefloor music has influences from Jazz right through to Progressive Electronic (and everything else in between).

We are real musicians and play Keyboards and Guitar
and use the latest production techniques to keep everything sounding fresh and new.

Have a listen to our Mp3’s you’re sure to love ’em

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