November 21, 2016 Radio Advertising

There are several reliable strategies that one may follow to get free radio publicity and/or advertising. Many of these methods are extremely simple, highly accessible, and often overlooked by the people who may benefit from them the most.
One easy strategy for receiving free publicity and/or advertising is a technique called PI advertising. PI advertising is an option of which not many people are aware. PI stands for Per Inquiry. It is also known as Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Pay Per Lead (PPL). PI advertising is a form of direct response marketing. Direct response marketing is designed to solicit a direct response which is specific and quantifiable. There is a direct response from the listener to the advertiser, so the customer responds to the marketer directly. The marketer or advertiser uses broadcast media such as a radio station to get customers to contact them directly. Many radio stations offer the opportunity of PI advertising to first time advertisers as a way of seeing how their advertising dollars will work.

The first step toward getting PI advertising involves choosing a radio station with which to conduct business. It is important to choose a station that will be responsive to the product or service that is being promoted. Selecting a station whose listeners are most likely to connect with that product or service is a key element in ensuring the best result for the effort.

Once a radio station is chosen, a letter should be written by the advertiser and sent to the station. The letter should explain why the station may want to consider doing PI advertising with the advertiser. A description of the product and/or service being advertised and its relation to the station’s demographic will help the station understand how it will sell well in their market. Essentially, it should be made clear that it will be to their benefit to extend their service to the company or organization wanting to advertise. It should be outlined in the letter that enough inquiries will be obtained to make it worth their while.

Many inquiries make it worth the while of the radio station because the advertiser only pays the station if it gets an inquiry about its product or service. No inquiries means no payment to the station. PI advertising works on the basic premise that the advertiser receives free ad time and space and pays only for results. Advertisers pay only for qualified responses. In exchange, the advertiser relinquishes control of where and when the ads will run. The radio station runs the ads based on the availability of their unsold inventory of ad time.

PI advertising appeals strongly to people who care about the quality of results with their advertising but who are flexible about when their ads run. It allows companies and organizations to boost their business without the usual risks associated with advertising and ensures a positive return on investment. It aims to elicit action and is inherently accountable as the results are able to be tracked and measured. PI advertising is a simple, results-oriented, and nearly risk-free way of obtaining free radio advertising.

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