auto-interactive water supply system
November 18, 2018 Real Website Traffic

Some cool real website traffic images:

auto-interactive water supply system
real website traffic
The basement of a former cheese factory in Kolderveen, The Netherlands, has been transformed into a temporary computer controlled greenhouse.

For 5 weeks, 7 plants representing our 7 world continents have been growing under individually manipulated water and light circumstances, based on real-time analysis of website-traffic on the project-site:

Site Traffic, Apr. 1, 2005-Jun. 30, 2005
real website traffic
Traffic for my weblog for 2nd Quarter 2005. I switched to a more powerful and capable server at the beginning of June, and the effect is very noticeable.

Page Loads: Total, 110,309 // Per-day average: 1,212
Unique Visitors: Total: 86,021 // Per-day average: 945
First Time Visitors: Total: 80,449 // Per-day average: 884
Returning Visitors: Total: 5,572 // Per-day average: 61

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