There are so many Dish Network deals for new customers available that now is the time to subscribe. Taking advantage of the many discounts, rebates, and incentives will make the cost of subscribing for a dish much more affordable and fun. A person will find that even without the added incentives, getting Dish is very affordable. The added bonuses make it an even better choice.

There are many different types of service packages available. Each package offers different types of options, discounts, and extras in the satellite service that you receive. You may choose to have one dish installed and receivers for each of your televisions attached to that dish. When this is done all televisions receive the same channels when they are viewed. Or, you might want to have more independent control for each television and have a dish installed for each television separately. This makes the televisions able to receive different channels simultaneously.

When ordering Dish Network a person receives their dish and receiver as well as installation free. The subscription also includes free moving installation and set-up, so there is not worry about charges when you move. If there are any problems with the dish after installation, technicians are on hand to provide assistance or replacement if needed.

The packages are provided to new customers with different types of bonuses, discounts, and incentives. Besides receiving over 250 channels with the basic package, a person will also receive an additional’ premium channels for free. You also get several months of premium movie channels. This will give you the opportunity for viewing the movies channels and deciding if you want to add them to your package.

You also get a free DVR upgrade. This upgrade will allow you to record and play up to 100 hours of movies and programs. You can pre-program your DVR to record programs while you are away and watch them at your leisure. Or, you may want to program your DVR to record the episodes of your favorite series and watch the entire series in a single day.

If you enjoy surround sound, but have not had the time or money to search for a system, Dish has taken care of that for you. A gift that you can select is a high quality home theater system. This will give you the chance to create a surround sound home theater with the high quality audio that the satellite offers.

Airline tickets may also be selected as a free bonus gift. You will be able to plan an affordable vacation when you subscribe to the Dish Network. The tickets provide up to a maximum amount for your travel and you can use them for any destination.

You may decide to get the bonus JWIN DVD player. This player can be taken anywhere and can be a great companion when traveling. The player is compatible with all types of CDs including JPEG and MP3. Or, you might want to select the Coby MP3 player. This player is a top of the line system with built in FM radio. It is small and has thirty hours of continuous playback capability.

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