Bottles #2 HOWTO
May 1, 2019 Setting Tool

A few nice setting tool images I found:

Bottles #2 HOWTO
setting tool
So here’s how I made my screen transparent for my last submission to the Transparent Screens group. I’ll refer to the photos as being numbered clockwise:

1 2
4 3

First, I took photo 2 (ignore the windows and the grid for now). Actually, I took about four or five shots and chose the best one.

Second, I removed some of the bottles, introduced the monitor, and took photo 1 (again, ignore the grid for now, and again, I actually took multiple and chose the best).

Then, I opened these two photos in my photo editing tool and put each one in a layer, photo 1 on top of photo 2. I did a slight bit of rotating and moving to get the backgrounds to line up. If I had a tripod, of course, they would have lined up automatically.

Now look at the windows and the grid in photo 1. GIMP has this great tool called "perspective transformation" that’s perfect for this job; I lined up the rectangle onto the screen surface.

Next I switched to the other layer; see photo 2. The grid is still there, and now covers the area of the image I need to pull out. I set the transformation tool to "corrective," which causes this area to get stretched flat into a rectangular image.

I took this flattened image and made it the background of the monitor in photo 1. Then I had to tweak the cropping to get it right, and I had to do some colour correction. That was probably the most painful part of the whole process. The final desktop image is shown in photo 3.

Photo 4 shows the final setup. I moved the bottles on the left out of the way, and took the final shot from the original angle. Voila!

Petter winch eng
setting tool
Ive got a great set of tools! I can fix this!!

setting tool
edited in photoshop using the neat little colour tool, "lobster"

takeoff! [?]

Edit 2016
I now have a bigger and better skill set for digital file processing as well as the tools to do this, If I had raw versions of these I would be ablate do even more; sadly it was only towards of the end of this camera’s life that I started using these. This is the 2016 version/edit. Obviously the distortion is gone, and the colour and sharpness are greatly improved, I have also uploaded the highest resolution file I have, which by todays standards is nothing major but 12 years ago unheard of and I could not have afforded the disk/s to store such big files.

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