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February 4, 2019 Setting Tool

Check out these setting tool images:

my bag ~ biking {notes}
setting tool
my bike bags

when i bike, it is because i have stuff to do {no car}. so i’ve spent a little time trying to get a decent setup for carrying stuff around.

this is what i’ve come up with.

i’ve used my bicycle’s side mirror to include my camera in my shot.

ii precision error
setting tool
The images get very complicated under magnification.

The program to compute the images uses fixed-point arithmetic, with a fractional part of 28 bits. This image shows the numerical error under high magnification.

I’ve taught compilers for many years, like CS 134. A compiler is a program that translates your words into a program that can be run by a computer. It is more complicated than that of course, but that’s the idea.

For the final exam, we compiled programs to generate fractals, showing the Mandelbrot set. This is pure math, but it has beautiful images illustrating chaos (like my life!)

These are images from programs produced by a working compiler… [I remember my words, "Don’t complain so much, you signed up for this class!" Actually, Caltech kids are pretty smart, they learn fast.]

We used tools by Jef Poskanzer (photostream) to produce the final images that you see here.

My Lamp 1
setting tool
I was taking some random shots of stuff in my bedroom before I left home. This is a bird’s eye view of my lamp in case that bird decided to perch on top of it. I set the exposure priority to +1.3, and then smashed out the lower range with the historigram tool in PhotoFiltre. As you can see, my lamp has never been dusted.

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