We’re Talkin’ (Little League) Baseball
August 17, 2017 Social Community

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We’re Talkin’ (Little League) Baseball
social community
"Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets." – Yogi Berra

I was never good at playing the game myself, whether it was softball, school yard matches or little league. When I did have chance to participate, I was a decent hitter and abysmal in the field. Mostly during childhood, I’d have my head in a book while my friends were knocking around the diamond. It looked like fun, but even back then my social skills were not very good. I was shy as all hell. I should have read less and played more. I do love to watch the game though. It’s a true art form – poetry and mathematics and heart and spirit all rolled into one "national pastime." And nothing beats a hot dog at Yankee Stadium on a hot summer’s day

Anyway, chicks dig the brainy, creative guys over the hunky jocks, right? Right??


As a way of returning the extraordinary generosity and support you
have all shown me in this great community, whenever I upload a new
pic or series of shots this year, I’ll provide a link to another flickr
photog whose work, personality, or spirit I feel you should discover.

Visit and introduce yourself. Make a friend. Share the love.

Open your eyes to JoranP today.

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