October 12, 2016 Social Media Courses

If you’ve decided to invest in yourself and your career by completing multiple social media courses this year, let’s take a look at the five social media courses that will help you out the most:

Facebook Training

With over a billion active users, Facebook is officially the world’s largest social network. Making the most of this platform requires first understanding how profiles, pages and groups can be used to promote a business. From there, this type of social media training focuses on proven strategies for lead generation. Additionally, taking a Facebook course will show you how to use both ads and applications to drive sales. Finally, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what kind of content does best on Facebook, as well as how to produce and promote that type of content.

LinkedIn Training

As you’ll learn from this type of social media training, one of the things that makes this network so appealing is the ability to use SEO to drive highly targeted traffic to a LinkedIn profile. From there, you’ll be taught different ways to craft company pages that maximize the number of visitors who click through to a business website. Other components of going through a LinkedIn social media certification course include using the contact feature, creating a group, increasing influence, using PPC ads and harnessing the power of sponsored updates.

Twitter Training

Once you begin this course, you’ll learn what a profile needs in order to attract plenty of followers. From there, you’ll discover how to connect with the right influencers. You will also learn which apps are actually worth your time, as well as how to create the right type of content for this medium.

Pinterest Training

While Pinterest can drive a ton of traffic, its visual nature intimidates plenty of businesses and marketers. By going through training, you’ll eliminate those concerns and learn how to grow a Pinterest account in as little time as possible. This training will also give you many strategies for reaching the right audience through this network.

Google Plus Training

Although Google Plus may be the new kid on the block, there are some very compelling reasons why it deserves your full attention. One of the biggest is there are plenty of signs that Google is not only using signals from this network to influence how they rank search results, but that those signals will continue to become even more significant. With a training course, you’ll learn the best SEO practices for this network. You’ll also be taught why local businesses absolutely need a presence on Google Plus. This training will also give you the skills necessary to build relationships and ultimately drive leads through Google Plus.

Whether you’re already involved in social media and want to move up within your organization, or you’ve decided that you want to put your career on a new path, choosing to complete the five social media courses we covered will provide you with all the necessary skills to take control of your future!

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