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October 12, 2018 Social Media Design

A few nice social media design images I found:

the model of multiplicity
social media design
so here’s an attempt to diagram (the mess) what i believe is the current model for understanding social science. individuals co-create, absorb the media and products all around them, and have influences from multiple societies.

a handbook of problems
social media design
a handbook of problems

Designskolen Kolding is at the forefront of developing new design methods and approaches to ethical, ­social and aesthetic issues. This book follows the work of The Institute of Industrial Design and Interactive Media and The Institute of Visual Communication over the period of a year and shows how groups of students worked with the issue of how design can improve life. Parallel programmes took place at seven different design schools across the world under the auspices of INDEX2005. For Designskolen Kolding it represents a continuation of our work with inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural design issues.

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Institute of Visual Communication
Head of institute of Visual Communication
Inger Merete Skotting

Institute of Industrial Design & Interactive Media
Head of institute of Industrial Design & Interactive Media
Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen

Edited by
Rasmus Koch, executive editor
Inger Merete Skotting
Barnabas Wetton

Graphic Design
Rasmus Koch, executive Art Director
Gitte Lindeborg
Bodil Nordstrøm

Søren Laursen
Inger Merete Skotting
Student contributions

Anette Flinck
David Sandreuter
Barnabas Wetton

Paper Munken Print Extra 18, 90 gr./Munken Print Extra 15, 300 gr.
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The book is kindly sponsored by Arctic Paper

ISBN 978-8-790775-11-7

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