130 of 365 – me and omo : )
August 16, 2017 Social Media Guide

Some cool social media guide images:

130 of 365 – me and omo : )
social media guide
omo is a small companion robot (?) by my friend Kelly Dobson from MIT’s Media Lab. Omo is a robot that only breathes – it has a soothing feeling as it expands and contracts – and it either matches your breathing or can guide it (it senses your breathing). Based on Yoga and proper breathing, it is very cool – this one is about the size of a small watermellon, is soft silicone, and even has a belly button (to breath through) – that’s a bit freaky – we talked about alternative breathing orifices – yeah, now hat’s what I call really working : )))

official description from the ML website:

Omo by Kelly Dobson

Omo is an alternative relational object. While similar to "carebots" and companion robots, Omo draws on ongoing Machine Therapy work revealing the psychological, social, and political dynamics between people and machines. As a result, Omo’s role is empathic and sometimes unexpected rather than normative. Omo breathes and senses the breathing of anyone interacting closely with it, matching—or seeking to lead—patterns of breathing. Omo does not always privilege soothing.

New York Times Is Showing Their Social Side
social media guide
Little by little the New York Times is opening up and embracing the reader’s views as collaborators. This example of reading other travellers views (I have used this a few times in recent months) is partnered with their journalist pieces and guides.

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