August 24, 2017 Social Media Links

Social media has entered this century with a big bang. It’s more than three decades; we all have witnessed the power of social networking. By handling social media accounts strategically, you can bring a hike in your business reputation and revenue turnover. It is necessary that you make optimum use of your social media accounts.

Businesses like event management, conference centre and other related businesses where every business deal is for a short duration – need a proper social media strategy to stay in the limelight and keep people reminding about their services so that the chances of conversions increase.

Here are some ways to strategize social media moves.
Optimizing social media accounts is a relevant option to start. All the descriptive sections of the accounts are very important. They should be filled with appropriate and precise information. Connect these social media links with the official website.

Content plays an important role in this. Conference centres can promote themselves with the help of strategically written blogs and SEO articles. By strategy, it means, using relevant keywords like interview rooms in Mumbai, training rooms in South Delhi etc that can pull the visitors to the website. The links of posted blogs and articles can be shared on the social media accounts as well as on their websites.

Other than this, conference centres can post photos of the events on a regular basis. Instead of posting a cluster of pictures at a time, two to five photographs with a good caption will be sufficient for the impact. If the photos can be posted in the flow of Pre, During and Post event pictures, then nothing like it. To highlight the services, conference centres can try out creating some designs. For example, a simple info-graphic or artwork on video conferencing facility in Delhi with an elaboration of its benefits can be attention grabbing too.

USPs work as strong weapons. Using them for social media will be impactful. A conferencing destination in South Delhi uses its USP, “mountain-fresh air” to promote its services. This conferencing destination has an indoor air quality system installed in it that purifies air present inside and proves that it cares for the occupant’s health. This feature is being popularized with the help of social networking.

To multiply the reach on social networks, conference centres must respond to every comment or feedback that they get on their posts as well as give feedback. Giving feedback on popular business relevant blogs would be effective for social media impact.

These simple tricks can help a conference centre derive better social media footprint.

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