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September 30, 2017 Social Media Marketing Agency

A few nice social media marketing agency images I found:

widget matrix
social media marketing agency

interactivate all-hands meeting and ice cream social – DSC00455
social media marketing agency
this is a morale-building effort after a morning of layoffs. our interactive marketing client list catered increasingly to home builders after 1998. our business rose to 150 employees at the peak of the lending bubble, and declined along with burst of that bubble and the ensuing recession. we had several formal rounds of layoffs, and the agency closed its doors in april 2009 after 12 years in business, most of them profitable.

i was the third person and first employee of the agency in 1996, taking an extended leave-of-absence to co-found savvysearch limited and cnet from 1998-2004, and re-joining interactivate as a remote consultant from 2004-2009.

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