The Big Transitions: Moving from Classical to Next-Gen Enterprises #entnext

Some cool social media marketing definition images:

The Big Transitions: Moving from Classical to Next-Gen Enterprises #entnext
social media marketing definition
This graphic is part of an exploration on moving from the old methods of running our businesses (in the 20th century) — including business models, processes, and technologies — to the new (the 21st century.) The visual above is a tool to help us look at all the changes taking place almost simultaneously at the moment (business transitions up top, moving down to technical ones below.) But I need your help to make it more complete. There are many other shifts taking place in the way businesses use new technologies — mobile, social, cloud, etc. — to reinvent how they work. Please help me capture them all below as I’d guess there’s quite a bit that needs to be added.

Note that the list above is an early DRAFT I put together, but will be refined in the next few weeks to include the better definition of the broad functional and delivery changes taking place today.

So what else is missing? Please put your old method –> new method transitions in comments below. This will be put into a blog post as soon as we get a good collection, with full credit to contributors.

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