December 28, 2016 Social Media Marketing Pdf

It is not subject of an argument when it comes to importance of SEO in every business whether it is big or small. SEO tradition has been changed over the years, now it’s not only about optimizing your pages but also connecting with the people. Social Media is a universal hub for connecting people, and now social media optimization is not a fashion but it is a requirement.

Why Social Media is important?
Through Social Media you can get connected to your local clients to global audience who will listen to your voices. It will help you to interact with people where you can share, give and take relationships whether it is social media optimization or social media marketing.
Now, Social Media optimization is not different from SEO but it is an integral part of SEO. It is true that SMO helps you to do promotional branding of your products however it also helps to nurture your SEO ranking with better exposure.

Without a doubt, links provided from Social Medias are Search engine’s favorite because Social networking sites are obviously most trusted sites and the links that come from them hold higher values. Promoting your business through Social Medias create a unique platforms to nurture your business with proper good links and sometimes lead to straight conversion.

There are various social media options for you to explore.

Twitter: Twitter is a micro blogging site used by more than 300 million people. Besides getting connected to the thousands of people, you can also share your links, videos, photos, and web page and PDF files. Twitter is one of the best social media to get connected to your potential customers and to have a better search engines ranking. You can create your brand image, built a strong foundation, talk and share about your services. You can also follow your followers to catch what they have been up to.

Facebook: Facebook is now the highly functional biggest Social media with more than 845 million users. Facebook is most convenient social media solutions for marketers and business owners. Facebook as great social networking tools will provide you so many options to elevate your business and target potential customers. You can create your business page on Facebook and also create Facebook advertisement page to advertise your product on Facebook. Furthermore, you can also ask your Facebook page to share with your friends and family.

YouTube: Yet you don’t know the power of YouTube, if you think it is the place only for funny videos. Over 3 billion people watch videos on YouTube daily for different purpose. People often find reading boring instead of that summarize the videos with informative and quality contents. Creating interesting videos about your business and services will likely to gain more attention and it’s definitely great method to create buzz.

Instagram: About 90 million people use Instagram on monthly bases. This Smartphone application created huge buzz and still is going strong. This Smartphone application is the largest growing social media network employed by many marketing specialist to promote their business and services. Pictures say a thousand words and that’s right, some of the biggest industries has already been employing Instagram and getting more success.

Google+:>/b> According to the recent surveys 343 million people are active users of Google+. As Google also encourage people to use their Google+ page, it can add quality and value to your contents. Furthermore, Google+ is lot more convenient as it allows you to update your Google status with your content’s link. Have a quality articles shared through Google+ page as it can add value to your Authorship ranking also.

Pinterest: Pinterest another social networking media also has been gaining more exponential growth, as recently Pinterest has allowed to change personal account to business account. Make a known appearance in Pinterest with your company name, well described portfolio, reciprocal links to your original websites and share your portfolio. If people find your pinterest interesting enough they will surely visit your official site too.

Blog:There are plenty of options for you too blog. Blog is one the effective way to tell about your services and new offerings in your manner. Add interesting and quality niche articles that your clients will love to read and share it to their friends too.

Other social media sites: There are plenty of other social media sites which you can employ such as Foursquare, LinkedIn, Tumbir, Myspace, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Digg. Enjoy the benefits of social media to boost up your SEO ranking.

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