I would like to share with you another platform of Social Media Marketing – Twitter. Have you ever wondered what this is, and why a lot of people seem do so some “tweeting”? Twitter was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey.

Twitter is described as a microblogging platform that allows people to post a message of up to 140 characters. Twitter posts are done in real time allowing people to be updated of what is happening to you and what your present thoughts are. How then can Twitter pump up your website?

Twitter is very much easy to create and it will only take you a few minutes to set up an account and post updates in no time. Once your have a Twitter account, you can not post links to your website, videos, and blogs.

You can allow your friends to view your “tweets”. Twitter entries or tweets are text-based posts composed of up to 140 characters shown on the user’s profile page and is flagged to the subscribers, alternatively known as followers. You can choose to restrict people from viewing your tweets or simply allow everyone in your network to view them.

Do not underestimate how fast Twitter is growing, since it is one of the fastest growing social media marketing platforms today. More and more people are using Twitter, and the more people you follow in Twitter, the more people follow you. Then, these followers of yours are able to see all your tweets and updates.

For Twitter newbie, it is advisable to tweet five times before following people. Search of people that you find interesting and create a fascinating persona to enable them to follow you. Follow people in any time of the day convenient to you by looking them up on the search option.

You can choose to post links on Twitter too just like you do with Facebook Fan Page or Myspace blog. If you have videos, post them up and invite others to view. Post sensible and quality comments as these are vital to getting on top of the search engines.

To sum it all up, do your best to optimize the 140 character post of your tweet. Come up with head turning headlines, post additional info on every URL that you are posting, have fun, and enjoy. Do these points and you will be amazed at how people will be drawn to you and how much traffic can be generated which subsequently allows you to achieve your goal of maximizing social media sites as business marketing solutions.

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