Big in Japan Revamp

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Big in Japan Revamp
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In July we decided to merge our two social media brands into one. The Weblogs Work brand was created more than a year ago to market our social media consulting services. The Big in Japan brand was created shortly thereafter to market our social tools. Over the past year we discovered that social media was a lot more than just blogging. That, combined with a shake-up in the team, was enough to convince us to merge the two into one and move forward with a single identity. We reskinned our primary blog (formerly known as Weblogs Work) with our new primary header and new blog theme as seen above we are still working out the bugs):

Notice the top header (services, blog, about, contact). That will now be seen for all Big in Japan properties including the blog (seen above) and the individual tools. Specific navigation for the target will be found below next to Mt. Fuji (in blog it is Home, How We Think, Our Friends and FAQs). We are still working on some of the visuals, expect minor changes and edits in the coming weeks. Soon all mention of Weblogs Work will be gone and we will be simply: Big in Japan!

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