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September 25, 2019 Social Media Marketing Software

A few nice social media marketing software images I found:

social nomenclatura napkin
social media marketing software
2002: Clay Shirky coins Social Software
2003: ST shifted from "Social Sofware Solutions" to "Enterprise Social Software", two people take us more seriously and the stage is set for a Wikipedia editing war
2004: In July Chris Shipley coins Social Media. In October O’Reilly coins Web 2.0
2006: Andrew McAfee’s "Enterprise 2.0" paper is published, he coined the term in 2005 while doing case work on JP Rangaswami’s ST deployment

Today, Social Media is an increasingly popular term with subsets such as Social Media Marketing. Subsets of Enterprise 2.0 are emerging, from Social CRM to Social Business Design.

Its important to note that if you trace back all this language you will find a healthy balance between tools (technology) and practice (implementation). Every time a category name gets traction it immediately gets diluted and we tend to have multiple names for the same thing even at the same time. We also keep making the same mistakes, inventing new language that isn’t clear enough for late adopters, just as those adopters get up to speed on earlier terms.

Language evolves through use. Big deal.

UPDATE: Not sure where to put Stowe’s prescient coinage of Social Tools 1999. The first time we met face to face he showed me a paper copy.

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