January 6, 2017 Social Media Metrics

According to the latest report released by Nielson, it is estimated that over 25% of the time spend on internet by people is on Social Media. This includes your likes, tweets and shares etc. For brands, this is an opportunity to respond in real time with their clients. There are hundreds of companies that promise business promotion through this vital medium of communication by increasing the likes and tweets. They promise relevant likes but it is up to the companies to retain them. It is very much necessary to take stock of your efforts by applying some social media metrics.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics is one of the best ways to examine and assess referring traffic. You will be able to measure how much traffic you get from social media sites by way of referrals. The most important aspect that will invite traffic to your site is the relevance of the contents in your website. It will be a waste of digital space, if the content is irrelevant and boring.
Importance of Contents
In order to assess the quality and reach of the content in your web page, look at the unique page views, time spent on viewing your page and also the number of pages viewed. It is more important than the clicks and comments. If unique view is on the rise, then that means your reach is on the higher side. If the time spent is more that means your content is really interesting. Google analytics can help you to assess these things.
Other Metrics
Share of voice metric is the next important thing. Here, you will be able to assess the number of times that your products were discussed and also the comparisons of it with that of your competitor. Social media tools like Social Mention will help you to assess it. You may also keep track of the total size and engagement by integrating customer data with their social profiles and interactions. Tools like Social Sprout may help you to assess this aspect.

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