Whether you use social tracking software or the free tools that are available on the Internet, it is imperitive you find the social media monitoring tools that are the right ones for your business. Social media analytics help with marketing and branding. Issues related to quality control or customer care problems that might have been overlooked can be detected using social monitoring tools.

You can determine the effect of your social marketing and social media efforts with the tools listed below.

Seven of the Free Monitoring Social Media Tools Available to Businesses

1. Twitter Advanced Search

The search tool on Twitter has advanced features that allow you to perform some powerful searches. You can keep the inquiry as an RSS feed once you establish your search. Doing so will help you stay current with the latest information.

2. Google Alerts

You are able create keyword searches on Google Alerts. For instance, you are able to search your company’s name as well as your competitors. You will receive updates via your RSS feed or email’s inbox. Used in conjunction with the iGoogle application, you have the ability to create a page containing the latest information concerning the keywords selected.

3. Addict-o- matic

This is a tool that consolidates search matches over Twitter, blogs, Flickr, Digg and more. It offers an attractive interface with a single page dashboard. This is a great tool for summarizing all your social information in one place.

4. Google Reader

Google Reader is one of the best choices to use for monitoring social media. You will have all the information you need in one place by subscribing to RSS feeds of your competitors’ sites, Twitter searches, news sites, top blogs in your division and more. Google Reader offers you the ability to subscribe to searches on sites like YouTube and Flickr. This allows you to obtain updates on any new videos or images matching your cause or brand.

5. Boardtracker

Focus on obtaining information from message boards and forums with this online tool. Features available include an influencer list and topic cloud. Some users could be turned off by the ads that are included with the search results. A premium version is available.

6. Social Mention

Social Mention offers an appealing mixture of metrics that are easy-to-read, such as sentiment, reach, strength and passion. This tool tracks Twitter, blogs, mainstream news, blog comments, video, audio and images. Your searches are savable as RSS feeds, easily keeping you current.

7. Twazzup

Twitter is the focus of this monitoring tool. It keeps everything easily readable on a single page. Sentiment, influencers and top linis are all available.

These social media monitoring tools can be an essential part of your plan to analyze social media for your business. By using social crm tools you can learn a lot about your customers and your brand by investigating the spikes in your volumes of social media.

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