Brixton Market
October 31, 2018 Social Media Packages

A few nice social media packages images I found:

Brixton Market
social media packages
Brixton Market, February 6, 2010 . 0534

This place, Brixton Market, reminded me of a period in the early 70s when I spent a fair amount of time hanging out and selling stuff in markets. I was also reminded of some of the books and writers that were interesting me at that time, one of those writers was Ivan Illich who developed a critique in the 60s and 70s that suggested that over-developed institutions and mass culture undermine our everyday and vernacular life.

Over the last century profound social and economic change has overshadowed and nearly overwhelmed vernacular culture. Industrialised mass culture plunders our everyday life to find easily reproducible forms to make into objects, these are packaged and produce a profit for the few. The social meaning of everyday life is constructed through a maze of media markets, mass reproduction and globalisation.

Vernacular culture happens outside the economic marketplace and creates meaning and substance related to our everyday lives. Vernacular activities are social, they encompass exchanges between people who are known and interact with each other. In vernacular culture we are all makers.

WKRN Interview
social media packages
Images from the panel discussion event held at Belmont University on March 2, 2009. Tiana Jones from WKRN covered the story and prepared a great package for the 10PM News.

Web Wednesday Singapore 20.0
social media packages
Attentive audience listening to the presentation. At some point of the presentation, Clemen also shared with us that we could get a free sample of a packaged beauty product from by just sharing with our name cards with his team of ladies after the presentation. I forgot to do so. 🙁

Also, during this session, I also didn’t take as much photos as I was actively engaged in different conversation with other new and regular attendees. Good networking session!

I understand that the last Web Wednesday Singapore for the year will be on Wednesday 25th of November from 6:30-8:30pm – Craig Snyder from Akamai will be previewing Akamai’s ‘State of the Internet’ report. If anyone is interested, please log the date into your calendar! Or if you want, you can contact me and we’ll attend together. See you folks!

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