November 17, 2016 Social Media Strategy Template

Cobalt Digital Bangalore Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing Company. SEO operations help in drawing more visitors to your website. Provide Web Design and Development, Online Reputation Management, Software Development. Our SMO social media experts will help you build an effective online strategy.

We know that you’ll be spending some time with us when you choose Cobalt Digital as your agency, so not only will you want to work with the best people around, you’ll need to get on well with them too.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services today are integral for businesses to be identified by their ‘universal customer’. Never before has there been an avenue of such magnitude able to reach so many customers world over.

SEO operations help in drawing more visitors to your website, converting visitors into prospective clients and giving a boost to the company’s image.

Cobalt Digital works on various cost models (CPC/CPL/CPM for display ads) depending on your offering, budget and campaign objective.
Cobalt Digital believes that Social Media today plays a critical role in establishing how a brand is perceived. This is true both for B2B as well as B2C brands.

Online Reputation Management: While a brand may have created an online presence, more often than not, lack of a defined strategy to manage online reputation results in the brand losing control of the perceptions formed.

Our social media experts will help you build an effective online strategy for your brand and works on pre-decided metrics like: increase in traffic, online brand awareness, leads generated, app utilization, conversions etc.

Mobile & Emerging Platforms: We design compelling interactive experiences for mobile, social media and other platforms like interactive kiosks.

We focus on understanding how users interact with these devices–and how interaction differs in various environments like Small Format Retail, Large Format Retail, Public Utilities, Offices, Homes etc.

Web Design : Visual Designers at Cobalt Digital are committed to providing users with the joy of discovery. Our work includes Concept Development, Template Design, Style Guide Development, Illustration, Animation, Typeface Development, UI Design and more.
Web Development: Cobalt Digital offers its customers a comprehensive website that helps you successfully conceptualise, maintain, market and plan your web development projects.

Our aim is to enable our clients to have a successful transition from where they are today to where they wish to be tomorrow.

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