belted in and screaming – _MG_6502
September 19, 2019 Social Media Targeting

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belted in and screaming – _MG_6502
social media targeting
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Pinko economics
social media targeting
We have been doing several social media project for various cable television shows. Few of them seem to target me as a viewer. I know this because I just don’t understand them. Take for instance Pinks:

This show makes no sense to me. The premise is that you bring your ride to a drag strip and race it against someone else’s ride. The car that wins 2 of 3 races wins the other car’s ‘pink slip’. Sounds fairly straight forward?

It isn’t so simple. The race moderator will give the slower car one or more car lengths in an attempt to make the race closer on the second heat and again on the third. Get it? The show seeks to equalize the outcome instead of rewarding performance. My assumption is that the faster car is worth more than the slower car. So if you are going to lose your car if you lose the race why would you want to handicap your car and risk it? Hmm…

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