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August 5, 2019 Social Media Tracking

A few nice social media tracking images I found:

TeleComHub Social Networking Panel
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TelecomHUB ( , is the DC area’s largest telecom networking group . This event attracted around 100 mid-to senior level individuals from telecom and technology companies to the social networking program “My Face: Social Networking in the Business Arena”, held at the Tower Club on 10/1 in Tysons Corner Vienna VA.
Panelists for this event:

* Terry Hsiao, CEO of Hook Mobile. Innovative high-tech entrepreneur, with a proven track record in developing concepts into successful operations, currently leads Hook Mobile, a market leader in multimedia applications for mobile and Social Media.

* Katherine Kennedy, Owner, KMK PR. Image Consultant for Social Media and owner of PR firm that places emphasis on utilizing social media for branding of individuals and companies, both traditional brick and mortar, as well as online based entities.

* Dan Latendre, CEO of Igloo. Senior level technology executive, heading up Igloo, a Canadian firm that provides a secure online corporate social networking platform which helps organizations create more productive connections with people.

* Shashi Bellamkonda, “Social Media Swami” for Network Solutions, leads the company’s social/new media strategy which includes brand development, online content tools, customer outreach, and blogger relations.

Moderator for the panel discussion:

*Kim Hart, Washington Post Technology Staff Writer

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