Social bookmarking can be used as part of an effective social media strategy. All it does, is simply allow you to save your bookmarks online, tag them with relevant keywords and share them with others (hence the “social” part).

My favourites are hardly unique:



Digg, a social bookmarking site designed specifically for news items. Users can vote on different links (“digging”) and the most “dugg” stories will appear on the site’s home page.

Delicious and Digg are just 2 of hundreds of social bookmarking sites including Technorati, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Ma.gnolia to name but a few. We’d recommend playing around with different sites as each has a different slant.

Why should you use social bookmarking?

1. It allows you to view your favourite sites from anywhere in the world, as your bookmarks are on a website and not stored on your computer’s hardware

2. They are fantastic for search engine optimisation. Google’s search algorithm takes into account what websites your site is listed on and how popular those sites are. As websites like Digg and Delicious are very popular, having your business site bookmarked on these sites should improve your Google ranking

3. They are excellent for promotion. Add your facebook page, twitter page, Blog, MySpace page and any other online presence you have to these site as they have millions of users and are an easy and free method to increase your online exposure

4. To improve internal business communication. As bookmarks are saved online it allows potentially hundreds of employees within a business to view them simultaneously saving time, money and encouraging interaction

Although social bookmarking is a useful tool it is important to remember it should be used as part of a rounded social media strategy.

Think about embracing twitter, Linkedin and facebook to spread your brand online as well as using Google Adwords pay per click advertising platform.

It may also be beneficial to set up Google alerts for keywords related to your business activity. Google
Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results based on your choice of query or topic. This allows you to see when your brand is mentioned online and keep up to date with industry developments.

It may be beneficial to set up a social media policy to ensure that all your staff knows how they should use social media sites for business use and to ensure there are guidelines for those who write about your company online.

Social media can be used extremely effectively although having a developed social media strategy is key.

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