Nice Social Network Platform photos
January 8, 2017 Social Network Platform

Some cool social network platform images:

social network platform
Ray Ozzie, Microsoft: Everything on the web is being recorded.

Marisa Mayer, Google: While we store search histories, we do not correlate search with personally identifiable information. We store search history to optimize the search algorithm. For example, if you click on the third search result, it should become number one.

FORTUNE: What new space interests you?

Marisa Mayer, Google: Social networking. These people view 150 page views per session, every day. It’s Internet crack. And it’s moving from profile voyeurism to a platform for IM or photo hosting. It provides more context for people when they see someone’s vacation photos. Online presence will be a big opportunity.

Pierre Omidyar, eBay: Connect people. Let the community lead you.

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft: The Internet Singularity will arrive when the net’s collective intelligence improves its collective intelligence.

VOX: Composing your post
social network platform
If blog platforms are all going to look this neat, more will definitely try blogging, even my mother.

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