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September 2, 2017 Social Network Strategy

A few nice social network strategy images I found:

kim grinfeder
social network strategy
RefreshMiami March ’07 meeting.

Paul Scrivens of was due to talk to us yesterday, but unfortunately was obliged to cancel because his flight had a mishap just a few hours before our meeting.

Instead, we gathered a great panel with Dan Rubin, Nick Dominguez, Carlos Garcia and Brian Breslin, who fielded our questions about the latest trends in design online. We spoke about CSS, rich internet applications, Adobe Flex, new browsing platforms and mobile browsing, new forms of blogging, the use of Twitter, design as strategy, community building, new social networks including Virb, photosharing using Flickr, copyright/copyleft and more. Pictures of our meeting can be found at the RefreshMiami Flickr group.

RefreshMiami’s first anniversary is coming up and alot has happened in our local web/tech community over the past year. For starters The Gorb launched recently, Our Scene has gotten good vibes and Scrapblog, where I work, is launching very soon. Oh, and let’s not forget Naples-based IMified, where in just a few weeks after launch, 13,000 users had completed over 100,000 tasks!

Because of this activity, a number of people have gotten jobs and internships through networking at our meetings, including Mike Gowen, Caleb Elston and myself. And as a reminder, Nobox is hiring, as is Our Scene.

But local entrepreneurs and startups need more than networking and conferences. So we’d like to set up a co-working location in Miami, along with an investment fund. And we’re trying to set up a "Bootsrap Network" here, where professionals help each other in a pay-it-forwards kind of way. More on these initiatives later. And if you can help with these, please let us know: we’re doing this in our spare times.

Last but definitely not least, we’d like to thank the University of Miami and Professor Kim Grinfeder for their very significant help with RefreshMiami. Congratulations are also in order for Kim, who was recently hired as Director Interactive Technologies at the Knight Center for International Media.

Our next meeting will be next month and we’re contacting speakers. See you in April!

Mapping the (digital) social
social network strategy
I’ve tried to map some of the dynamics of different ‘community’ mechanisms, partly inspired by Tom’s Model for Mapping Group Activity.

It’s very much a draft and is eventually aimed at clients and intended as a basis for developing ‘community strategies’.

What I have not done is map offline activity or populated the image with examples to draw out the specific dynamics of each community ‘type’. I ran out of room.

Do please annotate the image with any thoughts or comments…

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