August 1, 2017 Social Networking Sites

Social interaction and online social networking came in the early 90’s. From the concept of linking the computers electronically is the starting point of arbitrated social interaction through the internet. The earliest services that supported the online social networking are the following: Usenet, ARPANET, LISTSERV and the BBS. As the Information Routing Group came, it was able to develop a schema as to how the proto-internet might be able to support the idea.

In the year 1999 the first trust-based social networking model was launched. It was developed by the Epinions. Since then, a great number of networking sites came into place. A lot of innovations have got underway. There were a lot of opportunities for the users to have a more control on the content and connectivity.

In the year of 2002 up to 2004, there are a lot of most popular online social networking sites that was able to emerge in the world. The first one to became famous was the Friendster second was the MySpace and came in the Bebo. These sites had become a mainstream for the global users of online social networks. Facebook also has its rapid growth as it started on 2004. It was said to be the competitor of the first three sites. Since then, facebook has come a long way developing a large number of add-on applications. As it begun to open the site to the non-US college community, it has achieved its popularity to other parts of the globe. Up to now, it is regarded to be the largest and fastest growing site in the world.

Not just for social usage, in the business industry as well the social networking sites have become one of the business strategies of the capitalists. As said, there are about 200 social networking sites that existing and emerging from different online social networking models.

Whether it is a big or small company, they found it beneficial in using online social networking sites as one of the many enormous way of building brand name and image. One author of marketing book have said there are 5 major uses for business and the trendy online social networking sites and these are the following: It creates brand awareness, it can also be an online reputation management tool for recruiting, a good way of knowing about new technologies and the competitors and as a lead general tool to intercept potential target market.

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