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September 11, 2016 Social Networking Websites

Some cool websites pictures:

Just what the hell had been they thinking?
The individuals which made the MySpace program demonstrably were not thinking anyway 🙂

Digitage Online 2.0
Logos from Web 2.0 are caught in the internet somewhere within NASA photos of deep space, science-fiction surroundings of our inner room, the synapses regarding the brain, the virtual space that’s not abstract, imagined or actually genuine.

Web 2.0, is a phrase created by Tim O’Reilly in 2004 for some conferences on a revivified Web. O’Reilly (2005) in what is now regarded as being his seminal article claimed that, “If Netscape ended up being the standard bearer for internet 1.0, Google is most certainly the conventional bearer for Web 2.0 (O’Reilly 2005). He contrasted internet 1.0 with Web 2.0 by mentioning examples: DoubleClick vs Bing AdSense, Ofoto vs Flickr, Britannica on line vs Wikipedia, individual websites vs blogging, domain speculation vs search engine optimization, web page views vs expense per simply click, publishing vs involvement, material management methods vs wikis directories (taxonomy) vs tagging (”folksonomy”) and stickiness vs syndication. The conceptual map their staff devised offers a sketch of internet 2.0 showing social networking internet sites, wikis, interaction tools, and folksonomies.

Even though some believe it does not occur as any thing more than geek jargon, for this brand new user, its an encouraging and astonishing paradigm shift in the Internet as well as in computer software development. We started running a blog utilizing internet 2.0 freeware in September 2006. Many users like myself get access to advanced, ever-improving software technologies since the cost of development is shared among passionate nerds and geeks (in a great way). Freeware on internet 2.0 is certainly not proprietary naturally it is with the capacity of producing huge profits due to the viral way in which people share within the development, marketing and development of the product while enhancing connectivity plus in content in the process.

NB Digitage updated 2010

Selected webliography

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[we tend to be a global system of women who help females networking for social modification and women’s empowerment, by using information and interaction technologies (ICTs).]

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