August 24, 2017 Social Networks List

Extension or EXT for short is becoming one of the newest social networks out online. It has taken many of the features clients have enjoyed through other sites and made them more versatile and useful for the client. Like other sites it is also free to sign up at along with the ability to have the site that you create be able to generate money similar to Google’s Ad Sense. These features along with the special ones that have made for the site make this the next generation of social networking.

One of the first noticeable features that are offered is the ability to set up multiple profiles. This is where the client can set up a profile for professional, personal, business, and any other group you can come up with. The information or each profile can be public or hidden depending on the clients’ personal needs. Anything from building for their friends and co-workers to university contacts letting what the client wants to be seen by that group can see. This includes pictures, personal information, how to contact them and so forth making the profile becoming much more user friendly. The multiple profiles in a social network make it so clients do not need to create multiple account and attempt to remember all the different accounts they have but have all their information on one account.

Another feature along with profiles is the ability to customize the profile to fit the customers’ needs. This is including personalizing the profile to anything they would like, picking up new sections or taking away sections. They also have each section separated into sections called pods. These pods can be moved around, changed shape and size even color and border. Since this is on the profiles it can be used on each individual profile to make them separate and individual to each profile. Every field in the profile is completely able to be modified through the site without the customer needing to know how to program in computer languages like HTML or CSS. Since the profiles are connected to each other the information changed on one of the profiles it can be copied directly on to another one of the profiles with a few clicks of the mouse. The EXT site can also add content from other sites directly on to the profile making it so a blog a customer has on another site can just be added to the profile without having to make a new blog or copy information from one site to another, making the profile all encompassing.

The ability to find contacts through EXT is simple to use. Just add the name of the person the customer is looking for and then can add them on to a friend’s list on different profiles they have set up. Once the contact has been added, the customer can add information about what they know about their friend, how they meet and other information that is all private just to the customer allowing them to keep information about their friend private and easy to reach. Also there is a set up to email friends not a part of EXT and invite them to join the social network. Since EXT is able to attach to other email sources, the customer can invite everyone in their contact lists or only one contact, through their normal email provider without a lot of effort. Once the email is ready through EXT the email will send which profile the customer would like their friend to see directly through the email. Once their friend connects through EXT, they can go directly to the profile the customer wants them to be attached to. The contacts through EXT are not just limited to a few types but as many categories the customer can think of, customizing their contact list to anything they can image. Even after the contact has been added, the customer is able to change that information at anytime or reorganize it at later time without a hassle.

Customization of pages through social networks has often been challenging through other sites but through EXT it is simple and easy without needing to program complex computer coding. The customer is able to create different pages attached to their different profiles such as personal, business, and professional. Each one of these pages can have any information the customer would like to add even from other sites, which makes it easy to have one place for friends and contacts to find all the information the customer wants to share available in one convenient location. Each picture or information added to the pages have their own URL which means the customer can just email someone one site to see their new picture or blog without having to search through an entire site. Any page can have content like pictures, blogs, bookmarks, files, and podcasts. These features will allow the customer to share any information they wish too and also allow whom they want to have access to that information the permission to see it as well. Once a page has been updated or has new information on it, the customer can just email the link directly to contacts and friends from the EXT site directly. There are no limits to how many pages a customer can add or information giving a truly personal social network site that other current network is unable to compete with.

EXT is the wave of the future for social networks. These allow customers to personalize their social network site to become exactly what the customer wants without the hassle of programming. EXT has done all the programming work for the customers before they even join. There are features that other sites just do not offer, allowing people used to other networks or newcomers to social networks to be able to use this site without a lot of effort. The ease of use and special features make this social network good to use for any type of social networker. These tools keep customers update and knowledgeable about their social network without having to having to learn computer programming. With all of these tools at customers’ finger tips they will be able to use this social network to help with business contacts, personal life and their professional life in one site without having to have several sites just to keep everything separate but at one place. This is a great new social network that learned from other sites and took what they did well and what they were missing to add it to one places and one network.

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