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September 29, 2018 Social Platform

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Jewish tradition & Education
social platform
Shas is a religious party that speaks to people that came from Mediterranean countries, such as Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Eygpy, Syria & Yemen.
Their platform is both religious, and social (although their social doing is mostly to reserve their power).

Some information about Shas:

Shas’ Website (mostly in Hebrew):

Some more propaganda from Shas

Jan. 2006

social platform
The remains of the Temple of Saturn
The most prominent of the ruins in the fenced off area between the Forum and the Capitoline hill is the Temple of Saturn. It consists of a high platform, eight columns and a section entablature. There was a temple dedicated to Saturn here as early as 497 BC, but it had to be rebuilt many times and the current remains date from 42 BC.
Saturn was the mythical god-king of Italy, said to have presided over a prosperous and peaceful Golden Age from which slavery, private property, crime and war were absent. As such, he appealed particularly to the lower and slave classes. Every year, between 17th December and 23rd December, Saturns reign was remembered in a week of sacrifices and feasting, known as Saturnalia.
As long as the revels lasted, the normal social order was turned upside down. Slaves were permitted to drink and dine with (and sometimes even be served by) their masters. Senators and other high ranking Romans would abandon the aristocratic togas that they usually wore to distinguish themselves from the lower classes and wear more democratic, loose fitting gowns. During the holidays, all the courts of law and schools in the city were closed. No prisoner could be punished, and no war could be declared.
People also celebrated the Saturnalia in their own homes, the exchanged gifts, in particular special wax dolls and wax tapers, and played light-harted gambling games, the stakes usually being nuts, a symbol of fruitfulness. Much of the spirit and many of the rituals of the festival have been preserved in the Christian celebration of Christmas.

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