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August 11, 2017 Technology Marketing

Some cool technology marketing images:

technology marketing
Catie Rasmussen, facility manager at Penn State’s high tunnels, located at the Larson Agricultural Center, surveys raised beds of salad greens, which will be sold at Cellar Market near Eisenhower Auditorium on the University Park campus. The technology behind the high towers — huts covered in plastic like material with movable shutters — allows the produce to mature weeks before it would during a regular central Pennsylvania growing season.

CD Printer
technology marketing
My new ‘grunt’ inkjet (Epson Stylus Photo R200).

When I compare this to my old Xerox DocuPrint M750 inkjet of not that many years ago, this little printer beats it hands down both with the technology/quality and the price. I bought this one purely to print on CDs but now I’m using it for everything from envelopes to pornography because it’s so much quicker that my Oki colour laser. (And a darn sight cheaper to run too – this printer itself and a full set of 6 inks cost less than the black toner for the laser alone.)

There is a reason Epson have something like 60% of the small inkjet market in this country – they make much better printers!

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