30 September 04
June 22, 2018 The Social Media

A few nice the social media images I found:

30 September 04
the social media
While she was sleeping on her bed — the Israeli watching towers didn’t gave her the chance to sleep her full night. It is 4 year old girl; Jihad Youif Handik was shot in her head while sleeping in her house at Khanyounies Camp.

In the north of Gaza Strip Israeli Apaches and tanks invaded the area with heavy shelling every night. The area is surrounded by bulldozers and tanks everywhere.

21 Palestinian were and other two Israeli soldiers were killed..

In the north of Gaza Strip, and in the first day of the incursion, 21 Palestinians were killed during the incursion and many other tens were injured. Eyewitnesses said that the camp was invaded while they were sleeping during the night. People are appealing to human rights organizations and are asking the world to stop the war crimes that are committed here..

On the other hand, some Israeli media sources said that two Israeli soldiers were killed during clashes in the north of Gaza Strip.

All the family members:
7 members of a family were injured during the current incursion in the North of Gaza Strip. Medical sources said that 7 members of Abu Habil family were injured during tanks shelling.

The coming days are going to be the worst in all of Gaza Strip, as the Strip is divided into many parts now and it is very difficult to move, in addition to blocking checkpoints and crossing even for foreigners NGOs and journalists..

Dr. Jwaad Al Tebi, the minister of Health announced an emergency state in all Gaza Strip hospitals..

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