July 3, 2017 The Social Network

The social network can be referred to as a platform which can be used by people to create new social relations or networks between individuals sharing real-life relations, common interests, activities or have a common background. The service has a custom representation of the user which most of them call a profile, additional services, and the list of people which the person has added. The services are normally offered over the internet which incorporates the modern methods of communicating which include instant messaging chats and email services. There have been a lot of technological advances in the field of the social network with most of the sites having mobile applications, blogging, photo and video sharing.

The social network is a very useful tool as they help people to share new ideas with likeminded people, meet with people with the same interests, share pictures with friends, invite people to events and also be able to post on issues that affect a person. There has been development of very many social network sites with some of the common ones being Face book, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Interest etc. this sites makes people connect with other people all over the world who might be hindered by economic, political and geographical location. This new technologies has also attracted the attention of companies who use the platform to monitor the after office behavior of an employee. The companies might use the platform to also evaluate an interviewee where the application can be rejected when they see that they have negative remarks on their newsfeed or negative pictures on their profile.

The social network sites have also triggered research in that the research have stated investigating the impact of the sites in terms of privacy of the users, original identity, education of the young generation and also the culture of today’s youth. Other small companies are taking advantage of the social network sites and have started campaigns on the sites on the services or goods they offer cheaply; as it’s very cheap and sometimes free to advertize in the sites. The social network can also negatively affect a person with most companies banning their employees from using the sites during working hours.

The social network has also been used by most schools in that they have been connected with library services where they attract children to the libraries as well as service extensions. Although most researches have said that the sites negatively affect the children’s academics as they act as distractions and also wastage of valuable time that would have otherwise been used to study. In general the platform is a very powerful tool if used appropriately but can also be detrimental if used inappropriately.

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