August 18, 2017 Top Marketing Sites

If you have a little basic knowledge of the best article marketing sites you can compare the different things that they have going for them. Some of them are very similar and many of them are different. Many times you will find the same type of search engine optimization and other times the best article marketing sites are very different.

Regardless of how different you may think the best article marketing sites are they all have a few things in common. Before you start looking and comparing the sites it is necessary for you to have the knowledge of what to compare and what to look for. Here are a few things to look for on the best article marketing sites.

1. A Free Guide

Almost all of the top article marketing sites will give you a free guide if you subscribe to their newsletter. You want to do this anyway so that you can stay up on what is going on and how the industry is going. The free guide will usually help you to get a blog or website up and it will help you to drive traffic to it with articles.

2. Quality Content

Another thing that all the best article marketing sites will have is quality content. This is content you can use to help you put up great articles that people will actually read. This helps you to do many things include make more money and get more people to your website or blog. You need to make sure you are only comparing sites that have good content.

3. A Reputation

If you find a website that is all about article marketing and they do not have a reputation they are trying to uphold, then it is not one of the best sites. Most of these sites are known for providing great tips, secrets, and recommendations for putting up a site and/or blog to make money with article marketing.

3 Things All the Best Article Marketing Sites have in

1. Proper Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a huge part of article marketing and you do not want to use the sites that are not optimized properly. Why would you want to learn how to get the top ranking with your articles and website or blog from a site that does not have proper SEO to get good ranking? This is very important and you can look for this very easily.

Figure out what the keyword phrase they are targeting is in their pages or posts, then look for it to be bolded, underlined, and italicized. Also, you want to see this keyword used in the title, the first sentence, and the last sentence of the post. They should also use two or three headers that have the keyword or a variation of it.

2. A Newsletter

All of the best article marketing sites have a newsletter. This is how they update you on new posts, new changes that Google makes, new article directories, and new things that worked well for them. If you can sign up for their newsletter you should do so because this will keep you up to date on what works and what does not.

3. Promote Reputable Products

The only products that should be promoted by the best article marketing sites are those that give you the best chance to succeed. If they are promoting it, then they most likely are also using the products. This can help you to know what hosting to use, what keyword tools to use, what backlink tools to use, and the other tools that can help you succeed.

If they promote things like HostGator, GoDaddy, and reputable companies like that, then you know they are a good site in the industry. This is something that all the best article marketing sites have in common and some will even promote their own product.

What you Get From the Best Article Marketing Sites

If you commit some time every day or week to making sure you build a business with your article marketing online, then you can certainly go about using the best article marketing sites properly. You can learn everything you need to get started from these sites from which hosting company to choose to where to buy a domain name from.

These types of sites can help you to do many things that will help you succeed online and when you use them properly you can build trust with what you are getting from them. The best article marketing sites are the ones that will gain your trust through the products they promote and the best article marketing sites will tell you the truth as well.

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