Monowall on IP130
July 20, 2019 Traffic To Your Site

A few nice traffic to your site images I found:

Monowall on IP130
traffic to your site
Here is Monowall running on the IP130. It works great!

I used the Generic-PC image of the firewall. Using the tool on monowall’s site ‘phywrite’ (see it can write the small image to the laptop drive when hooked up to a Windows PC via a USB-IDE adapter.

Plug a crossover table into the console port and into your PC’s serial port and go from there.

Setup is super easy and Monowall is a great firewall! I’ve been using it on a Nokia IP130 like tihs for about a year now and it’s been rock solid.

I have a VPN tunnel established between two sites, Traffic Shaping enabled, remote VPN users and more. It all works flawlessly.

One of the cool things you can do you cannot do with run of the mill routers is it has real time traffic graphs along with SNMP. You can really keep an eye on your bandwidth usage.

January 9 –
traffic to your site
January 9th was only going to be about one thing – Steve Job’s keynote at MacWorld down the road at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Luckily I work in a Mac crazed office, to the extent that the screen we use to monitor site traffic was instead turned over to the live updates on You gotta love it!

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