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Cindy Sheehan
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Oh my! The defamers have their claws out. A set of photos from Upfish

Robert Lederman wrote the following letter to the New York Times. I don’t know if they published it. He asks the question "What can one person do?" This is what I can do: make a graphic (above) and publish Lerman’s letter.

What can one person do?

Most people I’ve spoken with in recent years feel they have no power, no
ability to affect the dreadful course of events unfolding around them,
especially world or national events. Cindy Sheehan shows what one person can

Whether you agree with her position on Bush and Iraq or not, there can be no
doubting the magnitude of the effect that has followed her actions. By
standing along a dusty road in Texas with a sign she has done more to
successfully challenge the neo-con New World Order than the entire worldwide
anti-war movement and the entire Democratic Party combined. If more people
dared to individually stand up for what they believe in this way the police
state would wither on the vine.

During a war normal life is suspended. We are in a war, but it’s not the
fake war on terror we see on Fox and CNN.

The real war is being made all over the Earth against average everyday
people like Cindy Sheehan. Right now most of the casualties are overseas but
the real focus is still right here in the US. Unless the American people can
be subjugated, intimidated, disinformed and made willing to give up their
rights those making this war will ultimately lose it.

The real war is a war against free speech, against the bill of rights,
against freedom, against conscience and against human decency. It’s a war
against life, against nature and against the Earth itself. As Americans we
are uniquely both the perpetrators and the victims of this war –
perpetrators because this is all being done in our names and victims because
it is our freedom that is the ultimate target.

Deny the corporate police state what it wants and you will deny it power. To
defeat such an enemy, we must use the weapons that are most effective, the
weapons they most fear.

What are these weapons? Certainly not bombs or bullets or suicide attacks.
They are the manufacturers, distributors and perpetrators of most of the
violence we see in the world today. Using the techniques of advertising,
propaganda and human psychology, they manipulate young Americans to go to
war as readily as they brainwash young Muslims to become suicide bombers.

What they fear most are not weapons of mass destruction but sincere words.
Cardboard signs. Acts of conscience. A refusal to go along with the
propaganda of fear. A determination to not let them get away with it.

It all comes down to one person at a time non-violently standing up for what
they believe in. Anyone can refuse to be intimidated into silence or passive
acceptance. Sometimes, defending your country means fighting against it.

Like the power within a single atom, we all have this power right now freely
at our disposal.

Freedom is the gift given to all Americans. Use it or lose it.
Robert Lederman
201 896-1686

Peace, Love, and Linux
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IBM’s Peace, Love, and Linux advertising campaign, sidewalk graffiti, observed on April 20, 2001 9:39:38 AM in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Commercial speech masquerading as street art. On an April morning in 2001 on my way to work, I noticed this curious graffiti on the sidewalk, right on the corner where I lived. Was this a clever ad campaign? It was too neat and clean to be graffiti. As I suspected, it turned out to be an ad masterminded by Ogilvy and Mather for IBM’s Linux-based e-server push with the theme of peace, love, and Linux, represting the union of IBM the corporate establishment with Linux and it’s counter-cultural roots. In several cities including New York and San Francisco city officials complained. Usually corporations pay for their ad space. IBM refused to comment on whether the graffiti was illegal or not, however, they eventually pulled the ads. All the press and protest I’m sure helped make the campaign a success.

Smart Car advertising Now Broadband ISP
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two of them seem to hang around Cafe Zarathustra on Richmond Way, Shepherds Bush. However, their website says my address can’t get their service.

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