Sex in a Blender (2)
October 28, 2018 Ways To Advertise

Some cool ways to advertise images:

Sex in a Blender (2)
ways to advertise
Writing the poetry was way too fun.

Saving souls
ways to advertise
Overheard while waiting for the Sirens at TI: "I hope this won’t be all T&A like the other shows we’ve seen advertised." As it turned out, the show was all T&A, but Vegas gave up their family friendly themes years ago. The woman turned her back on the performance and sputtered something about Jesus.

What amuses (or disturbs) me most about it, however, is how many "Christians" observe their morality in some a la cart fashion.

A picketer here on Fremont street gets little attention, but some claim Vegas has more churches per capita than any other city. The claims are probably wrong (unless you count wedding chapels, but how?) but I can’t put my finger on the book I’m thinking of that discusses this.

Also religion related: a drunken gambler turned and asked me if I was a Quaker. It took me a moment to realize facial hair like mine isn’t common out here. That’s my ignorance. I raised my 20-something ounce plastic football glass of margarita to toast him on his way.


Illegal Chalking Area Chalking
ways to advertise
I love how someone (maybe even the people who did the original chalking) wrote that it was an illegal chalking area. Apparently that’s not to great an offense because days later it was still there. Chalking is the most popular way to advertise Cornell events in the months when Cornell isn’t covered in snow.

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