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ways to generate new business
(taken with one RAW)

I got yelled at by a gay man for taking these photographs.

This is strange, because usually gay guys are rather nice cool dudes. I’ve noticed they can either be really nice or really nasty, and there is no in between; I don’t understand the ways of their people.

Over by the Oasis there is a new interior design store called Treasures with some fantastic sculptures out front. It’s owned by the same guy, Beau Theriot, that owns the nearby Oasis and he adorns all of his properties with this excellent work. Just down the road, Theriot also has a beautiful 10,500 sq ft house that looks like a French-country castle with an 82-foot-long veranda and a six-car garage. I’ve never met the man but he sounds pretty cool… but he sure did hire a mean guy to run his interior design store.

I was out in my shorts and an in-retrospect-too-tight-fitting-white-T-shirt on this 95 degree day with my tripod taking pictures of these sculptures after one super-nice employee came out and told me it was okay… So I walked around the grounds and got some very interesting pictures, but then a newer, and meaner, guy stormed out of a fabulous doorway to accost me.

He asked what I thought I was doing, and I told him just taking pictures for fun and for my blog. He got very pissy and told me to cease and desist. He smelled of lavender and honey, but that is not germane to this story. I went on to tell him that a lot of people read my stupid blog and it might even generate business for him, in addition to the fact that I personally spend the GNP of small Eastern Bloc countries on furniture and faux-finished monstrosities every year. He stayed in huffy mood and scowled at my tripod. After that, I sashayed over to my Prius (aka golf cart with windows) and sped away in an electric whirr of frustration.

All Rights Reserved – Trey Ratcliff – From Stuck In Customs

links to Flickr and photo sites
ways to generate new business
I had trouble bookmarking my most interesting Flickr Links, so I made this "photo" to place in a Set of its own, so that I could refer to these links, myself; I have now enough that someone else *might* be interested in seeing them too, so here they are, a constant Work-In-Progress, as I add more all of the time. Some "regulars" might not know of all of these!

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Links I have found, for Flickr stuff, for weblogs, for photos and other interesting URL internet things.
I cannot bookmark, in a public library computer, so I will do some of that, here!

FlickRandom: randomly-picked photos from Flickr’s vast database
Just reload for more! — Created by GustavoG and hosted by jbum
random favorites.
The quickest way to feed your compulsive desire to see if your digital photos are listed among the 500 photographs chosen each day for the Flickr Explore page.
[see below link]
Warning: reading too much into Interestingness is bad for your mental health. This is just for fun, kids.
Flickr labs have been hard at work creating a way to show you some of the most awesome photos on Flickr.
We like to call it interestingness.
Explore the gorgeousity by choosing a point in time…
what is flickrInspector
flickrInspector is a non-commercial website, that displays publicly available data about single flickr users. flickr itself is probably the most amazing photo sharing site. this is by no means an official tool by the makers of flickr (or yahoo), it’s just what i, nils k. windisch aka netomer programmed in my free time to enhance user experience.
RANDOM FLICKR PHOTOS from all over flickr, all of 200,000,000 worth!
The ability to refine your search by eliminating tags. When you click on a tag, flickr returns that tag’s list of related tags. Findr then compares that list with the previous list(s) of tags and displays the intersection. So, instead of forgetting about previous searches, findr allows you to drill down within a tag set.
RANDOM FLICKR FAVORITES from all of the photos
fd’s Flickr Toys
Helping you do fun things with your digital camera since 2005.
—the Master flickr toys homepage!
—This application will show photographs from Flickr in a steady stream for as long as you care to watch. The default view shows photos as they are uploaded to Flickr. All photographs are from Flickr, the best photo-sharing application in the world.
Jeremy Carbaugh and I are pleased to announce the launching of Groupr, an application built on the wonderful Flickr API. Groupr allows you to view thumbnails of the most recent photos in your (or anyone else’s) groups.
We think it’s a great tool, and we hope you do to. So check out Groupr at the URL below. Enter a username (any will do, try mine, for instance) and have some fun!
the Flickr weblog!
a random flickr photo finder, each time you click, you get several random-generated flickr photos, form *anywheres* in Flickr!.
—I created this group for two purposes:
1. To act as a central hub for support and feature requests and discussion about any of the toys and utilities on my site: fd’s Flickr Toys.
—fd’s Flickr Toys
Helping you do fun things with your digital camera since 2005.
2. To be a showcase where you can display your unique and fun creations with those toys and utilities.
another random flickr photo finder.
FlickRandom: randomly-picked photos from Flickr’s vast database
Just reload for more!
Or browse randomly-picked favorites!
FlickrBits was originally a repository for Flickr hacks and API bits, but it changed course in June 2005 to become the weblog you see now.…
tools to download to use flickr better.

my own weblog, muchly a photoblog as well.
"my life after near death experiences"
is the title
where some of my dreams have been written up, my dream adventures into the Astral worlds!
my Xanga weblog, more or less a copy of

looks like, but this is a Brazil weblog Clone! Lots of photos in this all-Brazil directory of weblogs, 1000s of them!
Welcome to Photoblogs Magazine
Welcome to Photoblogs Magazine, the online publication created specifically to showcase the work of photobloggers from around the world. Please use the navigation bar on the left to peruse all of our features and content, and make sure to subscribe so that you can be eligible to submit materials for publication and receive news and updates. Enjoy your stay.
[6400+ photoblogs]
photoblogdirectory is yet another resource for the photoblog community. Our page’s services are free and nonprofit. We make exclusivly use of Open Source Software. Our photoblogdirectory is inspired by, whis has been there since 2002. Our Page is fairly new, but our mission is the same: Is is to connect the audience to the photoblog, and to help the photoblogging community grow and evolve. But above all we want our directory to be visual.
the master directory of photoblogs!
…with its own weblog!
with the famous RANDOMIZER to randomly look through all of the photoblogs.
the RANDOMIZER! a random walk through a million photoblogs!!

creative commons homepage.
The term "morgue file" is popular in the newspaper business to describe the file that holds past issues flats. The purpose of this site is to provide free image reference material for use in all creative pursuits.
Gov. archives of free domain photos of wildlife!
zillions of public domain images!

what they see: a serial exploration of the Flikr stream.
"blogs that flickr" weblog.
We are a photoblogging flickr group dedicated to showcasing images from our various photowalks. What’s a photowalk? Well our official definition is: photowalk: n. When a photographer goes on a walk somewhere familiar or unfamiliar with a camera and takes random spur-of-the-moment, unposed photos.
photos where a feeling of mysticism is.
David gallengar, the NYTimes reporter.
Intertwined – Anything Fantastic:

Welcome and let your eyes enjoy! Here you’ll find fantastic photography and much more fun stuff to investigate 😀
Welcome to Photoblogs Magazine
"Welcome to Photoblogs Magazine, the online publication created specifically to showcase the work of photobloggers from around the world. "

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