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November 15, 2016 Ways To Get Clients

Some cool ways to get clients images:

lily collage
ways to get clients

This is a little collage that I put together using a cool program called
Picasa by Google. Our family is doing well and we hope that you are too.
Please check out our blog website. It is new and in the formation stage
but let me know if you’d like to receive updates from us that way.
Pictures and updates will be sent to you that way. We hope that you are
all well. Lily, Oscar, and Marlene and now myself have been sick with a
cold that isn’t too fun. Marlene’s mom is out for the week and that has
been a blessing for us as I’ve been preparing for some mid term exams and
working a lot. Marlene is doing well. She is a wonderful mother and is
enjoying her time with the kids and loving the time when I come home to
help with the kids since I pretty much am a slacker around the house.

I am busy with a few jobs and keeping up with classes and clients when
possible. Loving the time and moments when I get to play with Oscar and
Lily and watch a movie and talk with Marlene.

Oscar is growing up and speaking so well for a two year old. We just love
to hear him repeat big words that he’s never said before like astronaut,
or word groupings like “my fire truck” or “read book” or “giggle, giggle,

Hope that you are well.

Phil Scoville

Posted by Phil Scoville to Marlene
& Phil Scoville
Family Blog at 5/8/2005 09:40:14 PM

Little Fort
ways to get clients
Today at 12 I had to drive all the way to Kout Mall in Fahaheel to meet-up with a new client. I had been to the Kout Mall twice before and twice the mall wasn’t finished. This time when I went though it was practically done, 98% of the stores were open and the whole place looks like its doing good. They are even opening a Sultan Center there. I personally don’t like the mall, its too small and definitely not worth the 30 minute trip to get to it. On the way back to the car I snapped a picture of these old fishing boats that were parked in the small marina.

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