(No) Welcome Mat. (containing a small rant on the advisability or otherwise of walking in the countryside then trying to buy expensive foodstuffs from Colston Bassett Store)

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(No) Welcome Mat. (containing a small rant on the advisability or otherwise of walking in the countryside then trying to buy expensive foodstuffs from Colston Bassett Store)
ways to get customers into your store
We ventured into Nottinghamshire to visit the ruined St Mary’s church and a couple of delis. Well, we intended to visit two and this would have been the first, the deceptively simply named Colston Bassett Store. Look at it’s website – it all looks lovely and I’m sure the food it sells is top quality. Unfortunately we didn’t get further than the front door because we were turned back by the decidedly unfriendly shop assistant for having muddy boots. Now, I can quite appreciate that one wouldn’t ones lovely slate floors sullied with dirt and grime but the fact remains that this is the only shop in a village surrounded by fields. Their website even makes a point of describing the lovely countryside and walks to be had in them. I quote – "Situated in the heart of one of Nottinghamshire’s most picturesque villages, Colston Bassett Store is ideally-placed for residents, visitors and tourists alike…It is close to the Grantham Canal, with its waterside walks, in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir…" – well, you get the picture. So, given their location and the fact that some people might want to visit them after they’ve been on a walk around the lovely countryside you would think they might find some way of welcoming people with muddy boots? Like, for instance, at the On The Sands Deli in Long Clawson, where we went next. Look at their website and see what they say about the possibility that some of their customers may not all have just stepped down from a 4x ]4 in wellies that have yet to see a puddle…space at the back of the café for bicycles and muddy boots!. That’s how you do it, or alternatively a boot scraper and welcome mat.

UPDATE – The On The Sands Deli and Cafe has a new website, but with the same ethos – Hikers, bikers, walkers, talkers, children big and small – are most welcome to enjoy what we have to offer…

I have visited Daylesford Organic (possibly the poshest shop ever) and I’m pretty sure the owners of the Colston Bassett store have too. And you know I saw people in all kinds of muddy boots there. If they let people in, I’m sure this place can find a way.

No doubt I will visit Colston Bassett Store one day – I’m a sucker for a good bit of bacon, but for the time being I recommend you to Long Clawson where we had a delicious tea and cakes and no one worried about a bit of mud.

Week 35, 52 Weeks – Welcome! (Now with free essay included!)
ways to get customers into your store
Playing with my camera in my hotel room, wearing my hat that the people at Whataburger gave me, and thinking about how much I love and am fascinated by customer service stuff.

I’ve often thought of getting a part-time job as a host at a restaurant just for the experience of it, and one of the greatest honors ever extended to me was a shot to work at the Apple Store in the Annapolis Mall. I would have taken it, but my job has me out days and a lot of nights/weekends, so I couldn’t schedule it. It would have been a great experience! (I applied online during the summer, when I was between gigs and working as a temp, doing data entry – which was a great experience, too.)

The world is full of regular people, most of whom get treated as if they were invisible. I’m just not OK with that, plus it’s no fun.

The good news is that I’m pretty much invisible to the people who treat people as if they were invisible, or worse – as a commodity or an asset, like you were a ream of paper or a case of motor oil! – so I get to have as much fun and be as interactive as I want to.

And so do you.

You’re probably already doing a lot of little kindnesses every day, never expecting anything in return, so keep it up. You are making a difference.

An awful lot of people don’t run into people like you on a regular basis. May our tribe increase!

Life is not only way too short to be a jerk, it’s also way too short to pass up on the abundance of simple opportunities to make a small difference to someone, somewhere.

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