Sunday, July 18th

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Sunday, July 18th
ways to get customers into your store
Sunday, July 18
Lodging: Palazzo Zenobio (phone = +39 41 5228770; email =

Trip to Verona – Meeting Giorgio Bettali (

We expect to be back in Venezia the same night. We will have to catch a 7:51 a.m. train to meet Georgio by 9:18 a.m. It is a bit of a walk from the hostel to the station, so we will be up early yet again!

We were up today at a little after 6am to prepare for our trip to Verona. We made it to the train station early enough to catch a quick breakfast (cappucino, green apple, strawberry yogurt, etc.). We boarded the train and rested on the way.

Once we arrived, we were a bit concerned about finding Giorgio. We moved about the train station looking in various places. Erica finally went to use the rest room (first time she had to pay – we hear it is a common practice not to let you enter the bathroom without paying a fee) and I headed to the most central spot to see her and look for Giorgio. He came in and introduced himself (I had sent a picture the day before). I then went back to get Erica and we strolled with Giorgio to his car.

Giorgio, with his family, went out of their way to be very kind and genrous to us. Giorgio showed us Verona like an expert and showed how much he loves the city. We started out with a bit of history on the city gates and why they were located in various places, followed by the effect bombings had on the city (such as rebuilding every bridge). The city was beautiful and had a very large piazza (plaza or town square). We were able to walk around, have a snack (including another capuccino), enter the arena (very cool) and then head to meet his family. One of his daughters, Firensa, is expecting a son, Marco, to arrive any day (due yesterday, in fact) and looked wonderful (despite a rough morning from what we heard). We met her daughter (Eleanora), mother (wife of Giorgio, Maria) and husband (Mossimo) as well. After a beverage, we headed with Giorgio and Maria (wife of Giorgio) for lunch up at the top of the town. Lunch was wonderful and a great experience. We were thoroughly stuffed.

The next action step by Giorgio was to head to his house for a bit of rest. His plan was much needed, as I was dozing off in the car. When we arrived, they showed us their great home and I was introduced to Demand Solutions Italia (office of Bettali). We checked the computer and reviewed maps of Santa Margherita (our destination after Venice). Maria served us American coffee and Erica laid down for a nap.

Giorgio and I soon thereafter headed to the family room and took a nap as well (after some good discussions).

Once we awoke (about 4:30pm), we woke up Maria and Erica and then had some great watermelon and honey. Giorgio also showed me his use of Skype (great phone alternative/instant messenger on the computer). I was able to talk briefly with Thierry Lamarque.

Soon after the watermelon, we headed off for more touring. We had about 3 hours left before our train departed back for Venezia. Giorgio showed us many things and I took a lot of pictures (over 200 today, I believe). His wife, Maria, even has calligraphy work in the biblioteca (2nd most historic in the country). We saw an ancient theatre, the cathedral, original mosaic floors, statues of Dante and Garibaldi, plus much more, ending the tour perfectly with the balcony setting for Romeo and Juliet. He made me pose with the Juliet picture grabbing her breast (I really had no choice folks…).

After this, he took us for Gelato (Italian version of ice cream that is very good) and then hunted down a taxi for us to take back to the train station. We made it to the station with just about 10 minutes to spare.

The only thing Giorgio allowed us to pay for in Verona was his ticket into the arena (to, as he said, clear my conscience… {grin}). I owe him big time when he visits St. Louis.

I wish I could spend just one day with every DS sales representative (worldwide). They are fascinating people with deep beliefs, good hearts and a great sense of customer service. Giorgio Bettali, and his family, is a perfect example of this and I thank him for unbelievable hospitality.

We started to watch a couple of Twilight Zone episiodes on the train. The laptop battery ran out just about 3 minutes before we arrived in Venice (good timing). We made our way back to the hostel, stopping at an Italian bookstore on the way. We wanted to grab some groceries, but the store was closed so we settled for smaller merchants to obtain water, chips and a Coke (chips tasted like Mike-Sells from Ohio).

Once back at the hostel, we setup the laptop in the room to watch the rest of the unfinished Twilight Zone episode and Erica soon fell asleep. I watched another one and decided to transfer the new photos and update these journal entries.

We are going to try to sleep in tomorrow morning. ZZzzzzz….

Transparency Gadget
ways to get customers into your store
Eneken got a new phone, perhaps to make me jealous. The Sony Ericsson s710a [photo via Engadget] is a 1.3 megapixel with a swivel form factor. Thought I was cool with my Treo, but no more.

* Drawback: software is slow; configuring email.
* Draw: several clicks to send by email
* Drawforward: Slid into camera mode, open the shutter, then click.

Since she wen’t Flickr Pro, we were looking to get her both a low cost camera and a tri-band phone (international). Being the tightwad, I tried a Nokia series 60 (the forthcoming models from Nokia will blow this away [disclosure: customer of mine]), but she emailed all her friends in Estonia to prompt it’s return. While in the store someone went out of their way to point out the Motorola RAZR they had took crappy pictures, so that was out.

The form factor makes the concept of depth familiar. You can’t squeeze a good lens in a skinny form. Shame, as slim is more popular than slimboy jerky amongst a tailgate of rednecks. Unless until the quality on liquid lenses makes it commercially viable — accept he fact that it is a camera, that happens to slip in your pocket.
Net Net, she is on the network now. Editing movies with iMovie. Flickring without ties.

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