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Street Lights . River Park . N Street, SW . WDC . Tuesday evening, 29 November 2005 . Photo credit by Elvert Xavier Barnes Photography

Almost two years ago, at the dawn of Spring, I would catch the AMTRAK to NYC from WDC to document the NYC M20-04 Anti-War Protest. And, also, to attend the 2004 Saint Black Party which would take place later that Saturday night

The year before over President’s Day, in 2003, similarly, I would take the AMTRAK to NYC to document the NYC F15-03 Anti-War Protest and then later that Saturday night, attend the 2003 annual Saint White Party.

After dancing and partying all night at the 2004 Saint Black Party which would take place at the Roseland Ball Room, still tripping on crystal meth and not quite ready to return to my friend’s apartment in Chelsea, which is where I was staying I would stop in at the Rawhide.

Within mintutes of ordering a bottle of water, a man would walk through the door who fom the moment that he walked in … we both knew that we would leave together. Having exchangee greetings and introduced ourselves, Summer (not his real name), would say ‘.. let’s get out of here and go back to my hotel …"

Without finishing the bottle of water I’d place it onto the bar and we’d step outside to hail a cab. Just as the cab pulled over to the east side of 8th Avenue at 21st Street, which is where we were standing we were caught off guard when several customers from the Rawhide would rush outside, clap their hands and say "ya’ll have a good time …"

They did not know me nor Summer. And I, nor Summer, knew any of them.

On the cab ride up town to a hotel that located just a block from the Roseland we could not keep our hands off each other. Nor out of each other’s pants. He seemed to have an English accent but, according to him, had grown up and NYC before moving to Hawaii for a position at the University of Hawaii.

At the hotel, not only did we ‘party and play’ on crystal meth until late in the evening but we’d engage in some intellectural conversations and sometimes heavy discussions about our lives, sexuality, racism and society. He, as a white man, had had many relationships with black men. I, a black man, have had many relationships with white men.

Just before leaving, perhaps,. at around 10 PM, he’d say that having met me and engaged in the discussions that we had some which pertained to my photography and writings … that, he from that moment on would view black men in a very different light..

He asked if I would permit him to see my writings and my photography saying that he may would be interested in collaborating with me in its development. I vowed, to him, and to myself, that the chemistry that brought us together on the morning of 21 March 2004 would again reunite us … at the right moment in time.

And while I have not seen nor corresponded with Summer since … from the moment that our eyes first met at the Rawhide on Sunday morning of 21 March 2004, he and I both knew we would meet again.

As a black male, I’ve always understood my responsibilities, as an artist. One of which is to inspire others to see black men in ‘… a very different but more accurate light …’ than what the media through racist proproganda has projected throughout the global community pertaining to black men.

It is through my photography, my writings and ad campaigns that my hope is to impress upon folks of color to see BLACK MALES … IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT … than what they have been conditioned. compensated and accustomed or misled to believe.

Though Summer and I would throughly enjoyed the experience, what was more important to me was the fact that ‘throughout our day of partying and playing’ he, repeatedly, would comment that through our discussions and conversations he had gained a different perspective of and more respect for black men.

In a similar way, on New Days 2006 at 1 AM I would receive a phone call that I presumed was from Richard in Florida or my mother in Southern Maryland. It would be Brian who I had met over Columbus Day Weekend of 2004. And as he had done on New Years Day 2005, when he’d also telephone to wish me a happy new year, Brian would say that he wanted to thank me, again, for one of the best times that he had ever had. After thanking him for the call and hanging up the phone, I’d reflect on a conversation that I had had with him and his pasrtner … pertaining to my relationships with white men … when on Friday night, 8 October 2004 that I would direct drive with and direct them from the DC Eagle in downtowb WDC to their hotel in Northgern Va.

It was then that I would realize that for him to have taken the time to call me from Michigan, moments after midnight, or on new years day as he had done the year before suggested that he, perhaps, respected my experiences, as a black man and had ‘seen me in a much different light … .


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