Cool Ways To Market Online images
October 29, 2016 Ways To Market Online

A few nice ways to market online images I found:

Buy me, I’m useless.
ways to market online
My backyard Flea Market — buy it or regret it. The only way I can raise enough cash to support my ferret lifestyle is to sell found objects. Thank goodness I found this photo online to show my last sale. Thanks Dead Mule!

A Hamster
ways to market online
Today we passed by the Animal Market (next to Friday Market). Nat wants to get a pet so we went to see what was available. We found dogs, cats, birds, monkeys, ostriches, chickens, ducks, turkeys, you name it they had it. In the end we decided we would get a hamster. Before we do though we need to order the hamster a decent playground. I hate putting animals in cages. I would never buy birds for example because I can’t stand the site of them being locked up. So, I told Nat if we are going to get a hamster we should get him the coolest playground we can get. Something huge with lots of things for the hamster to do. I checked and found a couple of cool products but we will probably go with the Park Avenue Duplex since its the biggest playground we could find and I could expand it more with accessories if I wanted to. Once I place the order and get the product, then we will go back to the animal market and get hamster. I still need to read online though if it would be better to get 2 hamsters that way they could entertain themselves. Off the subject now, remember the microwave oven macaroni and cheese product I purchased the other day. Well it turned out to be amazing, I have had it twice now and I really enjoyed it both times. Its very easy to make and costs only 950 fils for a pack of 6 dinners. I definitely recommend it.

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