Cool Web Based Advertising images
May 3, 2018 Web Based Advertising

Some cool web based advertising images:

the longest web#address with 722 characters -_- Includes “___-_-a_happy_new_year_2006-_-____”
web based advertising
MITTE ( former
Linien- Ecke Alte Schönhauser-

Part of

Charly â–² Chaplin was cutted out of an ad.

a multiline address creation painted Dec 2004 on a billboard
still present, but since june behind an advertising fence (1,8m height)

you can access the bike modified billboard , with the following URL
The pic is located on the bottom of the page, but the pic will jump to top
(in the most cases)…

other facts about this #address

designed for the guestbooks
the linebrakes are set up with the e-_-mail smily "-_- "
Mozilla/=gecko based browser ignore the linebrakes

web based advertising
Findory is another aggregator of news from sources that provide RSS feeds. But it is the users of the site, and their patterns that determine which sources aappear on the page– not the arbitrary selection of the web site owner:

Our personalization technology builds a homepage for each reader, recommending content based on what they’ve read and what new content is being published. We crawl through thousands of news and blogs articles so you don’t have to.

Anybody can promote a single news agency’s content, or build an overly-complicated RSS aggregator. That’s not the hard part. The hard part is finding interesting and relevant content. We want to help people find the news they need.

News, weblogs, and advertising are just the beginning. Every day, we are all subject to an overwhelming flood of information. Findory will help by providing focus and surfacing the information you need. Every information stream can and will be personalized.

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