January 10, 2017 Web Design Tutorial

Web design is a huge industry today. Thanks to the Internet, the process of learning designing languages has become very easy. With online web design tutorials available on so many websites, you can enjoy the convenience of learning during your leisure hours. The best thing about online tutorials is that there are different levels of lessons available. So, beginners as well as advanced learners can find tutorials that are suitable to their skill levels. However, you can gain the maximum benefits of online tutorials only when you choose the right service.

The basics are easy to pick up

Web design tutorials begin from the basics. You don’t need to invest too much into web design tools because all you need is Windows Notepad to learn the basic coding. Some of the basic and the most used languages such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript can be practiced on the Notepad. You can also use more advanced authoring tools that help you edit scripts and create web designs more quickly and efficiently.

Learn the important elements of web design

Learning web design is not all about coding and using graphics. There are a lot of important aspects that web design tutorials teach you. Every website should have a few basic elements, without which the site fails to succeed.

Designing the layout is the most important part of web design. The tutorial should teach you how to bring a balance in the design. Balance refers to equally distributing various elements in the design so that the entire page looks harmonious. You can practice different kinds of designs such as symmetric and asymmetric layouts. In some cases, you might be required to create a discordant design that gives a very dynamic appeal and makes people think. Although a discordant design is not recommended for websites of all genres, it does work well in sites where you need to stimulate the visitor’s mind.

The other most important aspect of web design is to learn how to make the website suitable to target audience in terms of its user-friendliness, easy navigation and visually appealing presentation. Navigation is one of the most basic elements of web design. So, when you learn web design, make sure that you pick up the basics of creating drop down menus and other tricks that aid easy navigation.

It is also important to ensure usability of the site. In order to pick these basics, you need to learn how to analyse and evaluate target audience so that the website can be designed according to their sensibilities.

Although creating the web layout is a very important part of web design, placement of content is the most crucial aspect. In any web design, content is the king and will always remain that way. So, any layout you create should be tailored according to the kind of content required on the page. Adding prominent headers, highlighting texts in the appropriate manner and effective content distribution are some of the skills that a good web design tutorial should teach you.

In addition making the design attractive and meticulous, it is also important that the design have a high degree of SEO compatibility. When you learn these basics, you can build on the knowledge and go on to create more effective web designs.

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