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March 9, 2017 Web Site Traffic

Some cool web site traffic images:

1996 National Governor’s Education Summit Web Team
web site traffic
Hot on the heels of the 1996 Chess Challenge web site meltdown, IBM Corporate Affairs requested that we build and manage a web site that could not fail for the National Governor’s Education summit hosted by IBM. I think over the course of the four days we got about 100,000 hits. That’s hits, not page views. Most of the traffic was generated by someone on one of the governors’ staffs hitting reload in Web Explorer.

L-R: Kapil Gupta, Rita Lamenza, Ed Costello, Alex Wright.

web site traffic
3D printed trophies from the awards ceremony for the Contagious Media Showdown. Each is in the shape of the real web traffic graph for the winning site.

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