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May 16, 2018 Website Problems

A few nice website problems images I found:

21 May 2004
website problems
A child sitting in what is left of his father’s taxi cab in Al Brazil Camp. The taxi cab was demolished during the incursion

1.00 a.m.: I’m surrounded right now.. I’m surrounded by soldiers and I have so many problems.. I have no water in the house, no food, but I assume I will find a way to escape form here.. the soldiers are surrounding our house and the bulldozers are going to demolish the whole area.. for sure I will not leave my website and will update it sooooooooooooon.. I will not let my website down.. I might be writing from the hospital.. things are very very bad at these moments..

2:00 p.m. By telephone with Mohammed:
"We managed to leave the house, but we received news that the IDF dug a large hole and buried an ambulance with its occupants inside it. We do not have news of the situation any further than that and we do not know if the occupants died. Also, the orphanage continues to be surrounded and the supervisors from inside the orphanage are calling on all the world to help them. They are being shot at randomly.

Today many journalists contacted me for live interviews, from Britain, Canada, France and some African country.

I wish to thank all my supporters. I will write more today"

5 p.m.: In regards to the ambulance, we have been told by the Abu Youif Al Najjar hospital that they burned the ambulance in a very big hole. The people who were in the ambulance are Dr. Mohammed Al Nirab, the ambulance driver Adnana Al Nawajha, and a nurse. They were all burnt in the ambulance while they were trying to get out bodies in Al Brazil Camp in Rafah.

Midnight report
It was 1:30 when nearly thousands of people went out in a very big demonstration carrying bottles of milk and water for the children in Tal Al Sultan area in Rafah which was the first place attacked in Rafah. The children participated in that demonstration, asking the world to stop slaughtering people and starving them. The demonstration did not make it to Tal Al Sultan because the Apache warplanes were faster and they were shelled by direct rockets, leaving nearly 15 dead and 45 injured. It t was very difficult for ambulances to bring the bodies of the children and the dead in the area. Fragments and remains and parts of human flesh arrived at the hospital where hundreds of people had gone searching for their relatives who had participated in the demonstration and hadn’t returned. I interviewed one of them and asked about his feelings one day after the killing the of his 13 year old son, Mahmoud Mansour. He said: "Of course I feel sad for the killing of my child, but again the blood of my child has came again to prove to the whole world how criminal the Israeli government is, and I believe that this is enough to let the world know. I don’t understand how they shell a peaceful demonstration for children carrying bottles of milk and water to the hungry children in Rafah. Is it acceptable?!"

Dr. Ali Mussa the director of Abu Youisf Al Najjar hospital appealed to the world to put pressure on Israel to stop targeting ambulances and medical teams. He said that at a press conference in his office only one hour after Israeli soldiers shot at an ambulance carrying a 24 year old who was seriously injured. His name was Hamad Shalula from Rafah, and he was being transferred to the European hospital in Khan Younis. The ambulance driver was forced to leave the area after he was met with the shooting of his tires. This came of course one day after burning one of the ambulances and covering it with sand. The medical clinic of Rafah was closed after the IDF demolished its walls..

Ghost Town:
"Ghosts Town." That is simply what Rafah looks like these days. Enormous destruction and devastation all around. Light posts were torn from the ground, buildings were bullet-ridden tank and spotted with shell holes, pavements and street asphalt were peeled from their place. There are bullets flying in the sky, tanks firing on land, bulldozers demolishing houses and trees, Israeli Apaches occupying the sky, streets are nearly empty specially at night. Markets and shops are still closed in mourning, tents are spread in different parts, schools are closed, there is no food, water or medicine.

But there are plenty of tears everywhere.

From the heart of the events, a live eyewitness: She is one of the many homeless families sitting and surrounded by children in one of the schools. Schools are the only place to live in nowdays. She began talking about her feelings and what had happened to her and her family after demolishing her home and she said: "It was the in the middle of the night when the bulldozers began demolishing my house which was on the second floor. I have 11 children. I got out like this as you see. We have lost all things, nothing remains from the house. I tried to ask the driver of the bulldozer to stop so that I may take the furniture, but the wall fell on my leg and as you see, my leg is broken. I was at the hospital and was surprised after finding one of my children also injured before me and staying inside that class room now "

Israelis: Yes we withdraw.
Palestinians: No they didn’t withdraw.

This morning most of the news agencies published about the IOF withdrew from Al Brazil and Hay Al Salam areas. That withdrawal was only moving back the tanks and bulldozers about 200 meters, but they are still there and the operation is still continuing. The Israelis said they still hadn’t finished their operation, but we are just getting back to shift the tanks and bulldozers. Yet the attack is going to continueas much as it takes.

A few hours ago, after the bulldozers left the area, they returned and began shelling again, but the 200 meters that they left was completely full of devastation and destruction, in addition to aother number of injured and dead.. Tal Al Sultan area is still under siege and has been for sometime now, and people are suffering from lack of basic needs and they are appealing to the world to stop the crimes against them..

"We don’t want their food, we don’t want their water!!!"
In spite of the starvation, and after the UN and the Red Cross arrived in Rafah the families who were in very bad need of water, food, medicine and milk for the children refused it all. It was therefore not delivered to the families who said they prefered to die in starvations but not to be under Israeli siege.

In an interview with one of those people here, he said: "We don’t want their food, we don’t want them, we don’t want any help from them. All we want is to get out now and to end the Israeli siege in order to bury our children and relatives whose bodies are still laying in the streets and vegetable refrigerators."

Super Pipe
website problems
OK, these construction sites in Salmiya are driving me crazy. Before, when they were in the new Salmiya next to Sultan, I didn’t mind them. When they moved over to the Salmiya next to Marina Mall, I still didn’t mind them. But now, when they moved to under my house, and they dig up the only exit of my street.. now I have a fucking problem. What is this construction for? Sewage? My complex from the front side and the back side is dug up. There is one pipe that starts from Salmiya Palace Hotel (opposite AUK) and passes in-front of Sultan, in-front of Eureka, across the street, in-front of Marina Mall, across another street, in-front of Al Ghanim Electronics and then all the way down to the end of Salmiya near Jeita and Marroosh. Thats one pipe that goes from the beginning of the new Salmiya all the way to the end of the old Salmiya. What is this pipe for? I was telling nibaq that I was gonna dedicate a website to this super pipe. Its not big enough for sewage, but its a good size for water, but where is the water coming from, and why are they sending it across Salmiya? Can’t they get water somewhere closer? You guys must have noticed the pipe. Outside Marina Mall they have it stripped in red and white. Passes outside Richou and Paul. They better fucking fix the road under my house once they are done. I already regret not getting a 4X4!

BTW, have you checked out my new blog recently? I haven’t added a counter there yet so I don’t know if anyone is actually reading it. The blog is located at Some good articles there today.

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