November 1, 2016 Website

Getting a website up there is one part of your online business, but making it attractive and appealing is the remaining part. And this remaining part is what will actually compel people to stay on your website for a long period of time and eventually buy your products/services. If you go by statistics, they show that the present generation of net users decides within the first three seconds whether they want to surf the website any further or leave the page. The patience levels are at an all time low considering technology is making things really fast!

To make your online business a huge success, you need an amazingly designed website that has the right colors, perfect designs, pleasing backgrounds and aptly sized buttons! It goes without saying that the content should be meaningful and suitable for your business but it’s the look and feel of your website that catches the eye first rather than the content.
For making your website catchy and attractive, you need to hire the services of website design Sydney firm. They are well experienced, thorough professionals and have a fleet of well trained designers. They can visualize the most effective web page design for your company depending upon the nature of your business. After all, it wouldn’t make sense spending a lot making the best jazzy and flashy website design when in fact your target audience is epileptic patients. Here are a few tips to make your website attractive and catchy:

* Make it relevant to your target audience: Web design is not at all about showing your designing skills. In fact, it’s about making sure the client’s nature of business is conveyed transparently to the website visitor. The website should have such a look and feel that the moment someone enters it, he should know what the website is meant for! If you’re making a website for rock musicians, make sure the website is filled with images and animations that stand for their field of work. It would be funny if such a website has background images in the form of 7 wonders of the world!

* Don’t stuff it with unnecessary content: It’s always advisable to have a website that’s minimalist. Keeping it subtle and simple yet appealing is the real challenge and most websites that do well clearly represent the motto ‘simple yet elegant’. If your web design Sydney firm overloads it with high end graphics, animation and multimedia, it will take a longer time to load, which might frustrate the visitor. Remember, the average patience span of today’s internet users is about 3-5 seconds. If the website takes more time to load, they might just open up something else. In fact, if they stay on your website for more than a minute, chances are that they will end up purchasing something.

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