As the FIFA fever spreads across the globe, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google have painted themselves in the World Cup colors. All of them have added interesting features for the football fans and are leaving no stone unturned – from developing advertisements to running world cup promotions – in order to take advantage of the excitement FIFA has generated all over the world.

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil has turned out to be one of the largest social media event and sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ have emerged as real winners in covering this event. So much is being talked about football and social media’s impact on it, that it would be unwise not to try and understand the lessons that can be learnt. The experience can be used to build an effective social media strategy for your organization.

* Goals:
A football match can be won only by making a higher number of goals. Similarly, a social media strategy is effective only if it takes you towards your ultimate goal i.e. generating leads. Planning for both, a social media campaign and a football match has to be done keeping in mind the ultimate goal.

* Importance of strategy:
Two competing teams in a football match have the same number of resources (11 players). So what makes one win over the other? The answer is strategy! An effective strategy is necessary to win a football match. Similarly, a powerful strategy is critical for any kind of social media campaign.

* Importance of Players:
Teams in a football match use their players in the best possible positions to achieve maximum advantage. Likewise, in a social media advertising strategy, you need to strategically use your keywords for the campaign to be successful. The target is to appear in high ranking on social media platforms. Football team captains may interchange the position of players and replace the non-performers with better players during the match. Similarly, you should monitor the success of your social media campaign and replace high competition keywords with low competition keywords to make it more effective.

* Need for Monitoring
While watching a football game, have you ever noticed the action on the sidelines? Chances are that you will see the coach taking notes for building future strategies. Each team installs its own cameras around the field. This is done to gather real-time data about the game. Future strategies and decisions based on the analysis of this data are much more effective.

Similarly, your organization’s social media strategy needs to be diligently monitored and analyzed. This will inform you about areas you are successful in and areas where you need to make improvements. Making informed decisions at the right time will definitely give you an edge above your competition.

* Competitive Intelligence
If a football team is able to track a particular weakness in its opponent and knows how to make use of it, it is at an advantage over them. Capitalizing on the opponent’s weaknesses has sometimes been an effective strategy to win a football match.

While making a social media strategy, knowledge of how your competitors run their business is important. To legitimately and ethically compile competitive intelligence on your business rivals, monitoring “mentions” of your competitor’s brand can help gain valuable insights. You must know how to use the public data available on social media for your campaign to be a success.

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