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German Kohlrabi Field

German Kohlrabi Field

A few nice what is internet marketing images I found:

German Kohlrabi Field
what is internet marketing
I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out what on earth this guy was growing, just across the Swiss border from Lange Erlen. Whatever it was, there were a lot of them, and when the wind came my way I could guess it was some form of cruciform vegetable. From there, Google saved the day. I have never eaten a kohlrabi but just on general principles, I think I need to get on that.

UPDATE some months later: I bagged some kohlrabi at the Rutgers Farmers Market in New Brunswick before it closed for the season. I inquired what I was supposed to do with my kohlrabi; dude said a lot of people eat them raw like apples. I flinched, then I went home and asked the Internet for a recipe. What I came up with was some kind of cubed kohlrabi sautee with tarragon, which sounded really tasty, but ended up being sort of bland and mushy. But I also sampled some raw kohlrabi, and you know what? It’s pretty tasty.

There’s something rotten in the organic aubergine
what is internet marketing
My mother bought an expensive organic aubergine (£1.55) from the Tunbridge Wells Farmer’s Market today. Got home, sliced it up and found it to be rotten. What you gonna do? Drive back and return it? No. Put it up on the Internet. Went to local greengrocers, paid 80p and it was completely fresh and non-rotten.

This is the last time we do any shopping at the expensive organic farmer’s market.

barclays flame poster
what is internet marketing
Taken in Nairobi, Kenya – its Barclays latest push into the African markets. None of the locals I spoke to could work out what a candle with a water-flame had to do with banking, but there you go. The flame is a near exact copy of another peice of art thats floating round the internet

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